complete with fittings, with electric apparature, with safety device, with all electric motors, without electroexhauster.


  • Bearing structure particularly sturdy free of vibrations.
  • An oscillating cylinder of wide diameter, in steel, dynamically balanced and fitted on roll-bearings of great strength and precision. The emery paper of standard height of 250 and 610 mm is simply wrapped straight on to this cylinder.
  • The feed roller covered in special rubber, of differing thickness and quality according to the type of buffing to be done, guarantees a safe treatment of the skins and a perfect working due to its robust and precise construction.
  • Thickness regulation system, which is extremely simple and precise, allows tuning to be regulated by means of a knob; while successive regulations are made using a lever permitting decimal adjustments. This lever is situated in a very convenient position for the operator and can also be used while working.
  • Safety device which causes the immediate stop at opening of the buffing cylinder protection crankcase.
  • Dust removal is effected by an electro-exhauster of considerable power, which is incorporated into the machine. When the machine is offered with dusting filter, the electro-exhauster is not quoted being the same already incorporated into the filter.
  • Electrical equipment in totally closed cabinet with 24 Volts ancillary leads, in conformity with the international safety standards.



Working width mm 250
Power of main motor HP(Kw) 4 (3)
Exauster motor power HP(Kw) 3 (2,2)
Floor space mm 1540x1030
Net weight Kg 950
Gross weight with seapackage Kg 1150
Volume with seapackage m3 (mm) 3,5 (1750x1250xH1600)
Working width mm 600
Power of main motor HP(Kw) 7,5 (5,5)
Exauster motor power HP(Kw) 3 (2,2)
Floor space mm 1540x1360
Net weight Kg 1150
Gross weight with seapackage Kg 1400
Volume with seapackage m3 (mm) 4,5 (1750x1600xH1600)



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