complete with fittings, with electric apparature,with transport cylinder on stainless steel, with three safety devices and with all electric motors.


  • Very robust portable structure formed by size of cast iron joined by steel gir­ders.
  • Large diameter blade cylinder of trea­ted quality steel mounted on supports with adjustable conical bearings.
  • Electronic balancing of the blade cylin­der before and after blades assem­bling.
  • Supporting cylinder covered by antioil rubber, hardness as required by the customer both for woolled and limed skins fleshing.
  • Stainless steel transport cylinder with symmetrical groove for ovinegoats or aggressive for calfs and pigs.
  • Hydraulic control transport with conti­nuous adjustable speed from 30 to 54 m/1'.
  • Hydraulic translation control of grinding carriage of variable speed.
  • Hydraulic control for opening and clo­sing the machine with adjustable limit stop shock absorbers.
  • Opening-closing pedal adjustable either for sensitive action of for stable controls.
  • Decimal adjustment of the thickness.
  • Grinding carriage holder girder in cast iron with prismatic scraped guides directly joined to the blade cylinder in such a way as to follow all its thickness adjustment moves and not vary the position of the grinding stone in relation to the blades.
  • Control members for the opening and closing located on the exterior of the machine in a position which is protec­ted from the water, and rotating on anti­friction bearings.
  • Automatic water supply on working area only with closed machine.
  • Barrier safety device over the whole face of the machine.
  • Second infrared safety device.
  • Sliding case of blade cylinder to eliminate the risk of accidental contact with the hands. The case and all the covered are made on stainless steel.
  • Electric equipment incorporated in waterproof locker with auxiliary voltage of 24 Volts conforming to the international security.


Working width mm 1200
Power of main motor HP(Kw) 10 (7,5)
Pump motor power HP(Kw) 4 (3)
Floor space mm 1150x2600
Net weight Kg 2200
Gross weight with seapackage Kg 2550
Volume with seapackage m3 (mm) 8,3 (1400x2900xH2050)
Working width mm 1600
Power of main motor HP(Kw) 12,5 (9)
Pump motor power HP(Kw) 4 (3)
Floor space mm 1150x3000
Net weight Kg 2450
Gross weight with seapackage Kg 2900
Volume with seapackage m3 (mm) 9,5 (1400x3300xH2050)


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