About Us

Our history :

Officine RM srl was born on 1974 when two friends and school-fellows, decided to capitalize on their experiences and create a company of their own.

The two friends were:

Pezzoli Mario since 1965 work to the historic tannery machines Rizzi Company, his projects were the famous fleshing Model SG and shaving Model RLA.

Sacchetti Paolo who from many year helped to manage the mechanical construction company of his uncle Arvedo, developing a strong experience in the assembly and production cycle management.

On 1974 Pezzoli decides to make a turning point in his lives and leave the Rizzi Company to work on two separate projects, in fact moved to Arzignano where start all rotary machines for wet of a newly born Poletto, are realised from him the fleshing, the shaving and the splitting and at the same time is born together with his bosom friend the Officine RM srl for to produce machines for processing sheep and goat skins .

The two partners on 1974 in a small shed with some workers realised the first buffing machines of 600 mm working widht, a first great success.

Considering the excellent results, was born in the early months of 1975, the project fleshing machine of 1600 mm working widht, after months of hard work and nights spent inside the shed in September, during the exhibition in Paris, made its debut the fleshing machine model E1600, a triumph.

From then on the Officine RM has expanded their range of machines produced:

1981 was born the medium fleshing machine mod. E 1500 - E 1800 - E 2100 - E 2400;
1984 was born the setting out and sammying machine mod. RA 1600 - RA 1800 - RA 2100 - RA 2400;
1989 was born the continuous buffing machine mod. S1200 - S 1500 - S1800 - S 2400 - S 3000 and relative dedusting;
1990 was born the continuous polishing machine mod. L 1200 - L 1500 - L 1800;
1993 was born the small shaving machine mod. F 1300 - F 1500;
1995 was born the medium shaving machine mod. F 1800 - F 2000;
1998 was born the heavy type fleshing machine mod. E 2200 - E 3200.

So completed its range of machines produced, a continuous research to improve the quality and the productivity characterized the years to follow .

The Company then is enriched at the end of the eighties of a sale manager, that for many years has been responsible for sales of Rizzi .

On March 16, 1978 lay the foundation stone of the existing factory, and after two years of work, start the tannery machines production in the Officine RM premises.

After years of honorable service, before Sacchetti on 1992, then also Pezzoli leave on 2009, the management of Officine RM is handed down to a their historic member of team, Torletti Luca, who keeping the spirit of quality, honesty and reliability still today bears out the dream started by those two friends on 1974.