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Common points to all our machines project are: raising the quality of the processed leather, performance in terms of speed and result always perfect, durability of the machine, ease of use and maintenance reduced on minimum. These are the heavy points of each model present in our range of production.

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Fleshing machines

Fleshing machines (3)

The range of fleshing is composed from 3 different families:

  • Light (working width 1200-1600 mm), in which the skins are worked on the supporting cylinder and with a single transport roller in stainless steel.
  • Medium (working width 1500-1800-2100-2400 mm), in which the skins are processed on the supporting cylinder, with a structure and components which are oversized compared to the light family and with with 2 transport rollers.
  • Heavy (working width 2200-3200 mm), in which the skins are worked on a bolster, with extremely strong structure and components suitable for heavy work with two transport roller.
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Setting out machine

Setting out machine (3)

The setting out machines of this series are particularly robust and superior quality, are composed of 3 families:

  • Mod R with an upper chromed roller or with ebonite roller for a maximum opening of the skins.
  • Mod RA with a top cylinder in felt for a drying unrivaled.
  • Mod RR with an upper heated roller to offer brilliant results on every kind of skins.


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Shaving machine

Shaving machine (2)

The range of shaving machines is composed from two families to better adapt to the needs of work:

  • The small (with working width from 1300 to 1500 mm) suitable for sheep skins, that we produce in the version for skins wet for finished leather and with extraction system of dust.
  • The medium (with working width from 1800 to 2000 mm) suitable for half caw and calves, that we produce in the version for skins wet for finished leather and with extraction system of dust.
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Buffing machine

Buffing machine (4)


This type of machines is divided into two families:

  • Manuals machines with small working width, suitable for small skins where the operator is free to move the skins inside the machine in order to work them as they think better.
  • Automatic continuous feed machines, suitable for every kind of skins where the operator, once introduced the skins, must change only the parameters of buffing fot to obtain the desired effect, this kind of machines have an exceptional productivity


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Polishing machine

Polishing machine (3)


This type of machines as for the buffing machines is divided into two families:

  • Manuals with little working width for small productions and small skins where is the operator with his manual give to the skins the effect of polishing wanted.
  • Automatic continuous where the working width is higher suitable for any kind of skins and with a greater productivity, the operator sets the parameters for the polishing of the skins and follows the introduction into the machine.


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Other models

Other models (4)

In this category of machines are included all special versions created by RM for to solve the needs of the tanneries:

  • Dewoolling machine, in order to remove the hair's skins and to be able to recover it thoough a conveyor belt
  • Scudding machines, in order to open the skin's pores at its best, expel the fat and allow to the chemicals to enter into the skins deeply.
  • Unhairing machines, to remove both the residues of hair and of fat that remain on the skins.
  • Continuous dedusting machines, suitable for use in continuous with the buffing machines are utilised to remove the dust giving from the buffing, suitable for big thickness skins.
  • Dedusting machines with depression system, suitable for light and soft skins (example gloves) that are placed manually on the machine, kept from the depression and cleaned from dust buffing through air jets.
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